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Catalpa bignonioides seed

This is a beautiful looking tree with long beans
and the most glorious flowers make it a really ornamental tree for any garden

Cultivation and uses

It is widely grown as an Ornamental tree. The Catalpa has the distinction of bearing some of the showiest flowers of all the American native

trees. Its value in this respect has long been recognized and it holds an assured place in the parks and gardens of all temperate countries

Likes moist soil and full sun,

Easily germinated early in the first season.

Grows 15m -18m
This one comes from Germany
Size and spread (10 years): 5m x 5m
Treatment required: Not dormant.

Ideal sowing period: Spring
Soil conditions: All well drained soils but not on exposed sites.
Planting instructions:
Mature height: 15m x 12m

Catalpa bignonioides seed