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Magnolia kobus seed

As a tree, it is pyramidal when young, maturing to a spreading, dense, rounded form. It typically grows slowly to as much as 25-30’ over time with a similar to slightly larger spread.

It is noted for its late winter to early spring bloom of goblet-shaped to cup-shaped, fragrant, often pink-tinged, white flowers (each to 4” across) which open in March before the foliage emerges.

Obovate, aromatic, dark green leaves (3-6” long) are attractive throughout the growing season but produce little fall color (mediocre yellowish-brown).

Red seeds form in pods (to 3” long) that split open in fall. Seeds are attractive to birds. Kobus magnolia is similar to star magnolia (Magnolia stellata) except larger.

Medicinal use of Magnolia kobus:
Treats headaches.

Edible parts of Magnolia kobus:
Flowers and Flower buds – cooked. The leaves are eaten or used to make a tea. Older leaves are powdered and sprinkled on foods as a flavoring.

Other uses of the herb:
Wood – soft, light. Used for engraving, utensils, matches etc.


Magnolia kobus seed