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Snow lotus Saussurea Xue Lian Wild flower chinese Saussurea

Wild Snow Lotus/ Saussurea involucrate(Pin Yin: Xue Lian)

From Tian shan Mountain  The Queen of Herbal medicine

Name: Snow Lotus/ Saussurea involucrata(Pin Yin: Xue Lian)

Origin: Tian Shan Mountain, northwest china

Grade: Top

Shelf life: 24 months

Quantity: 10 pcs

Storage: keep sealed in shady, cool and dry place.

Saussurea is a genus of about 300 species of flowering plants in the family Asteraceae, native to cool temperate and arctic

regions of Asia, Europe, and North America, with the highest diversity in alpine habitats in the Himalaya and central Asia.

Common names include saw-wort and snow lotus, the latter used for a number of high altitude species in central Asia.

Properties: slightly bitter, warm.

The main effects: cold-dispelling, dampness-removing, pain-killing, promoting blood circulation, dredging meridians and Qi

activity, warming the uterus, dissipating blood stasis, for nourishing, health caring and immunity resistance enhancing. It

has special effect for rheumatic disease. Ordinary also can take.


Function: heat removing, detoxification, relieving rheumatism, reducing swelling, pain-killing, being aphrodisiac, blood

supplement, beautifying, and uterus warming. For head trauma, gynecological disease, rheumatoid arthritis, stroke, kidney

deficiency, lumbago, mountain sickness, and detumescence.

Symptoms caused by cold factors (e.g. chill, slow pulse, etc.): Rheumatoid arthritis, frozen shoulder, pulmonary cold, cough,

stomach cold;

Asthenic symptoms: kidney deficiency, lumbago, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission, impotence;

Gynecology: dysmenorrheal, feminine abdominal pain, irregular menstruation, postpartum pain & bruise.

Snow Lotus using methods and recipes

Medicinal use methods:

6 grams Snow Lotus, immerse in 1,000 grams of white wine or rice wine, to seal for 30 days to take. Drink 30-40 ml each time.

Effects: Supplements for kidney yang and strengthens bones and tendons.

6 grams Snow Lotus put into gauze bag and intenseen the opening. To braise it with an old hen, with slow fire for 1.5 hours,

filter out 1,000 grams of liquid. Drink 30-40 ml each time.

Effects: Regulate menstruation and blood circulation, nourishing Yin and kidney.

5 grams Snow Lotus, 15 grams of Radix Codonopsis, safflower 5 grams, 1,000 grams of chicken. Wash drugs, and put into gauze,

to braise with chicken, 2-3 hours slow fire braising. Filter out the liquid 1500 grams, each time appropriate amount.

Effects: Warm the kidney, be aphrodisiac, strengthen the middle warmer, and tonify Qi, free the body fluid, and pain or

numbness caused by rheumatism.

Use for Beautifying

Beauty mask: speed up the metabolism of the skin, reduce wrinkles, help skin to maintain luster, delay aging, and has good

effect for the facial freckles, chloasma hepaticum;

The formula: 25g snow lotus powder, 20mL aloe Juice, 30mL cucumber juice, 1 raw egg, 10g flour, granulated sugar 5g, a little


Mix thoroughly and store in the refrigerator to extend useful life. Paste the mask for 40 ~ 45 minutes, till the paste

becomes dry coating. Then wash off with clean water. The skin obviously becomes smooth and elastic. Regularly do it once

every week.

Just a month, you will get significant results, making the skin white and tender, also clearing freckles, dark spots,

frostbite or scar.Of chloasma, Snow lotus powder 30g, mung bean flour 15g, with a little egg white and mix thoroughly, Tu

spot three times a day, after a month, chloasma, liver spots, etc., slowly fading.

For food therapy
1. Snow lotus turtle soup
Ingredients: Snow lotus 20 grams, 1 soft-shelled turtle (300 grams or so), a little onion, ginger, and salt.

Method: earthenware pot, add water to two-thirds amount; boil the water with intense fir; put the next soft-shelled turtles,

snow lotus, safflower, onion, ginger; after boiling, use slow fire to stew, until turtle shell becomes mushy; add a little

more salt.

Function: Nourish Yin and yang, produce body fluids, and benefit Qi.

Suitable for masculine Yang replenishing

2. Snow lotus (Saussurea) with black-bone chickenIngredients: 20 grams snow lotus, one black-bone chicken (500g or so), and

onions, ginger, salt, sugar, a little refined oil.

Method: heat refined oil, and put into onions, ginger; till fragrance comes out, then add salt, sugar, thorough mixing. Then

put black-bone chicken, snow lotus, later the water; Use intense fire for boiling water, then change into slow fire to stew

about 45 minutes, to get mushy meat. Then take meat and soup.

Function: tonify kidney and Yang; regulate menstruation; replenish blood; for gastrointestinal conditioning, balancing

endocrine secretion, natural removing of inner fire and freckle; improve health status; nourish and regulate the body; and

enhance physique.