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Korea Ginseng chinese red ginseng root slices

ginseng has been a subject of chinese folklore and legend for it’s healing power. Ginseng has been used as a tonic, and has

a reputation for being a root for long life. Many of the Ancient Chinese Emperors have paid their own weights in gold just to

possess a root which was very old and would insure longevity themselves as well. People on their deathbeds have been given a

strong dose of a good quality root in order to prolong their lives a little longer so that distant relatives could travel

from afar to bid them farewell or to extend their life so that they could finish speaking their last wishes to the family and

bestow their blessings on the survivors.

Use and Benefit

When making soup, especially chicken soup, many of our customers will add a few ginseng roots or a handful of slices after

has been prepared and allow the ginseng to simmer in the soup for a couple of hours.  The root will become soft and then can

either be mashed and added to the soup or taken out and eaten separately.  Ginseng slices or the ginseng "tea cut" also work

very well for this since they can be added and do not need to simmer for as long a period.  They can then be left in the soup

and served with the slices or pieces of root remaing in the soup.   
Ginseng tea is probably the most popular use for Wisconsin ginseng.  The tea can be made from the whole root, slices, ginseng

tea cut or the ginseng tea bags.  When using the whole root for cooking or ginseng tea it is often sliced or broken into

smaller pieces so that it does not have to simmer for as long a period of time.  The ginseng slices are very popular because

they have already been sliced into thinner pieces and are ready for use.  When making ginseng tea it usually takes about 2-3

grams of ginseng per cup of tea.  This is about 5-8 slices, about 1 teaspoon of ginseng tea cut or powder, or easier yet – 1

tea bag.  Ginseng tea is very simple to prepare.  Just add the ginseng to hot water and allow it to steep for about 4-5

minutes or as long as you like depending on how "strong" you like the ginseng tea.  The longer the ginseng simmers in the hot

water, the "stronger" the tea will be.  The ginseng can usually be reused for about 2-3 cups of tea and then eaten if

desired.If ginseng tea alone is not to your liking it can also be added to other types of tea and allowed to steep with the

other teas prior to consuming