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Radix Angelicae sinensis root slices angelica root dang gui Lovage

Tonic for blood and for regulating the menses, lubricates bowels to correct constipation, reduces swelling,

expels pus, relieves pain. Dang gui wei (tail) is being used in condition of blood stasis and clots

Medical Function:

1. effects on uterus: experiments showed that it can have inhibiting and stimulating effects on uterus (outside the bodies ) of lab animals.

2. effects on blood: lowers lipids, anti platelet coagulation, and promotes production of red cells.

3. effects on circulatory system: tests showed that it can dilate the coronary arteries of guinea pigs and improve circulation volume. It can protect rat with arrhythmia.

4. anti oxidation and rid of free radicals

5. anti injuries of radiation

6. improve immune system

7. anti cancer:  Research showed using the five polysaccharides of ming xian dang gui inhibited the EC, Hep, S180, Lewis B16 inplanted tumors of rats up to 39%. It has little side effects and can be used for long period of time. (But there are also reports that mention frequent ingesting of ginseng and dang gui may promote the multiplying of breast cancer cells.

8. anti inflammatory

9. protects digestive system (including liver)