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Eucommia tea Eucommia ulmoides Leaves tea

Storage: keep in shady, cool and dry place; keep in freezer to extend the shelf life.

Medical studies have shown that leaves and bark of Eucommia have basically the same chemical compositions, pharmacological effects of anti-aging, body strengthening, weight lossing. Further study found that have great effects on the hypertension, which attracted the world’s attention. Professor from Harvard University says that Eucommia is the best natural antihypertensive drugs.


1. No pollution, pure, natural, green;

2. without theophylline, caffeine-free, easy to absorb, benefits health;

3. Rich in protein, amino acids;

4. Brittle & friable, clear orange color of tea juice, bitter and sweet after taste.


1. Regulate blood pressure;

According to test it works at 92% rate.

2. Special effect for constipation and be diuretic;

3. Enhance immune function;

Resist virus which destroys the immune system function; and enhance the non-specific immune function of body.

4. Regulating cardiovascular function;

It’s involved in the regulation of cardiovascular function.

5. Anti-inflammation, anti-virus and improve the pituitary adrenal cortex system function;

Kidney Yang deficiency patients have function of adrenal cortex system; Eucommia can excite pituitary adrenal cortex system to enhance the function of the adrenal cortex.

6. Significant sedative and pan easing function;

7. Regulate cholesterol;

It promotes the protein synthesis and degradation of collagen of body's skin, bone, muscle, and metabolism, and prevents aging.

8. Inhibiting uterine contraction and turn the contracted uterus back to normal.

9. Anti-tumor activity;

Aucubin, Geniposidic contained in Eucommia, have anti-tumor activity function. Β-carotene may also be relevant to anti-cancer effects of Eucommia.

10. Anti-aging effects;

Eucommia accelerates collagen protein metabolism, and prevent aging. Long-term taking Eucommian promotes blood circulation and metabolism, accelerates cell metabolism of collagen protein, and improves brain cell activity, and prevents Alzheimer’s disease.

11. Weight loss;

One month drinking Eucommia tea, significantly reduces the human subcutaneous and visceral neutral fat. Without doing sports, and changing dietary, it prevents obesity and loses weight. According to weight loss information, 1.5 ~ 2.0kg loses, by consecutive one month taking Eucommia tea.

12. Beautifying skin and hair;

The aging of the skin is due to elasticity loss of collagen protein between dermal cells in skin. Eucommia can delay the aging of the original protein, speed up the metabolism of collagen protein, and increase collagen protein synthesis and thus prevent or delay skin wrinkling and aging. Eucommia activates keratoprotein and improve the hair texture, by which the hair becomes shiny, with less hair loss. Japan's human trials proves, Eucommia make white hair become black, and the study has been patented in Japan, and also make nails become flexible and full gloss. Eucommia contains many kinds of ingredients which can scavenge free radical activities. Experimental results show that it removes age spots on elderly and various spots on young people.

Usage and dosage

Around 15grams for total daily usage, divide into 3 times or take 10 grams to make a cup and drink before go to bed. According to your body adaption, you could try less and gradually add the amount.

Put 3 to 5 grams of Eucommia Tea into the cup, and pour boiled water; then cover for 3 minutes to drink.

Please drink till it cools in summer. Take it half an hour before meal, and wait for one hour after meal to drink. It’s better to take with empty stomach, especially good to take one glass of concentrated Eucommia tea before go to bed.