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Purple Carrot seed



70 days. What will they think of next?? Here is the first-ever hybrid purple Carrot — a return to the distant past when wild carrots were naturally purple. Very vigorous and easy to grow, this delicious Vegetable will be the centerpiece of your garden and the talk of the neighborhood!

Purple Haze is a Nantes-type carrot, with strong growth and a delectable sweet flavor. Its rich purple color extends only as far as the core, which remains bright orange. And it tastes just like ordinary orange carrots . . . but you don’t have to

This 2006 AAS winner is the first Imperator-shaped purple carrot. Sure to be the talk of the table. The 10-12 inch purple-skinned roots have vivid orange centers, which make quite an eye sensation when sliced on a relish tray. Purple color will fade when cooked.

Daucus carota seeds(Purple Carrot)


Purple Carrot seed