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Privet Shrub seeds Ligustrum vulgare


Uses: Medicinal.   Landscape

Fast Growth, Bonsai, Topiary, Hedge, Fragrant Flowering Shrub, Ornamental Fruit, Bird/Butterfly Attracting, Hardy, Extremely Adaptable, Wildlife Food, Cold, Drought, Wind and Urban Tolerant
Privet is a fast-growing, deciduous (semi-evergreen in mild winter climates) shrub that typically grows 10-15’ tall and as wide. It has good winter hardiness and formerly was the most popular species of privet grown for hedging in northern areas. It tolerates all but very wet soil conditions. It features oval to lanceolate, dark green leaves (to 2.5” long) and small, tubular, white flowers in panicles (to 3” long). Flowers bloom at the stem tips in June. Flowers are very fragrant. Flowers give way to globe-shaped, glossy drupes which ripen to black in fall and persist throughout winter and are loved by birds. Fruit clusters are considered by some to be the best ornamental feature of this species. All parts of the plant are poisonous to human beings, so keep small children away from them.
Other Names: Common privet, European privet