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Melia azedarach seed Chinaberry Persian Lilac Tree Seeds

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 Melia azedarach
 Common Names: Chinaberry, bead tree, Persian lilac, pride-of-India
 Family: Meliaceae (mahogany Family)
 Chinaberry is a fast-growing tree with a rounded crown that reaches about 50 ft (15.2 m) tall with a 20 ft (6.1 m) spread. The bark is reddish brown, becoming fissured on mature trees. The deciduous leaves are bipinnate (twice feather-like) and 1-2 ft (0.3-0.6 m) long. The individual leaflets, each about 2 in (5.1 cm) long and less than half as wide, are pointed at the tips and have toothed edges. In spring and early summer, Chinaberry produces masses of purplish, fragrant, star shaped flowers, each about 3 / 4 in (1.9 cm) in diameter, that arch or droop in 8 in (2.4 cm) panicles. They are followed by clusters of spherical, yellow fruits about 3 / 4 in (1.9 cm) in diameter that persist on the trees even after the leaves have fallen.