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Mugwort Tea Artemisia vulgaris Tea


Mugwort tea is used to treat stomach ailments such as indigestion, constipation and bloating.  It has long been used as a remedy to treat worms and intestinal parasites in both people and animals.  Herbalists and alternative healers also recommend using the tea to bring on a late or absent menstrual cycle.  North American Native herbal traditions used Mugwort tea to stimulate dream intensity as well.  Other uses include treating gout, nervousness, colds, asthma, depression and insomnia.
Compounds in Mugwort leaves help relieve constipation, diarrhea, bloating, indigestion and other ailments associated with the digestive tract.   Mugwort tea is used to help improve digestion and the production of digestive juices that help return the digestive system to a normal balance.  The anti-fungal and anti-bacterial elements of the tea help treat stomach problems brought on by harmful bacteria, a plight often suffered by travelers.
This type of tea also is a vermifuge and often considered a standard herbal treatment for intestinal worms.  Intestinal worms can weaken the body by taking important nutrients from the system.  In extreme cases, worms can cause severe illness and even death in people and animals.  A strong tea made from the leaves and flowers of Mugwort can help slow and prevent infestations of intestinal worms.
Delayed menstruation or the absence of a menstrual cycle also is commonly treated with Mugwort tea.  Compounds in the tea help to balance hormonal levels and regulate an irregular menstrual cycle.  Pregnant women should avoid Mugwort tea, as the same compounds that help stimulate a late period, can also bring on a miscarriage.  Chances of a miscarriage are highest, if the tea is consumed in the first three months of pregnancy.  During childbirth, however, Mugwort tea can be beneficial by helping to stimulate contractions.

The Magikal powers/uses of Mugwort are Strength, Psychic Powers, Protection, Prophetic Dreams, Healing and Astral Projection.