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Alchemilla vulgaris leaf

Beneficial for menstrual disorders, lack of appetite, rheumatism, stomach ailments, disorders of the muscles. The leaves are astringent and styopic owing to the tannin content. A tea is good for excessive menstrual bleeding, prolonged blood loss in menopause or uterine fibroids and to reduce pains associated with periods as well as diarrhea. Lady’s Mantle has a rapid healing action and gargling after tooth removal or for mouth ulcers, is very beneficial. Skin problems, rashes, inflamed wounds can be bathed in a liquid made of the herb.  May also be used in a douche candida infections or following antibiotic treatment for trichomonas and candida infections when the healthy vaginal flora has been disturbed and requires strengthening.  Lady’s Mantle tea is also used as an adjunct treatment for ovarian failure or inflammation, irregular menstruation, prolapsed uterus, constitutional miscarriage and menopausal difficulties.