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Hardy Chicago Fig Fruit Ficus carica

Common name:Common fig "Fruit"

The green ischia fig tree produces medium-sized pale, light green, thin-skinned figs with strawberry colored flesh. The tree is great for areas with short summers and for those along the East Coast. It’s perfect for even the home gardener because of its small size. It’s color will blend with the foliage so the figs are resistant to attacks by birds. They also do well in cold weather. The fruit of Green Ischia ripens in late July to early August. It is cultivated for both fresh and dried eating.

Figs grow nicely and will bear fruit when grown in containers where they can be artfully pruned to create a living sculpture to decorate decks or patios. This is convenient for two reasons: cold climate growers can move their figs indoors in the winter and the plants can be removed from the patio when the fruit begins to (over)ripen.