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Forsythia suspensa seeds Trifoliate Forsythia seeds

is herb.

Genus: Forsythia
Species: suspensa
Common Name: Trifoliate Forsythia
Other Name: Lian Qiao
Pre-treatment: not-required
Height / Spread: 3m/6m
Plant Type: Medium Shrub
Growth rate: medium-fast
Vegetation type: deciduous
Leaf/Flower color: dark green/yelow
Forsythias are harbingers of spring, beloved for their early, prolific display of brilliant yellow blooms.
These upright, deciduous, occasionally semi-evergreen shrubs possess mostly hollow, angled branches with foliage held in opposite pairs. The leaves are usually simple (without lobes or indentations), or trifoliate (three-lobed), with smooth or serrated margins. Showy, tubular yellow blooms with four spreading petals generally appear before the leaves, and are borne singly in the leaf axils (joints between the leaves and stems). The fruits that follow are capsules which split to release a few slightly winged seeds.
The plant refers full to part sun locations and clay or loamy soils, and some are tolerant of a wide range of conditions. Give these shrubs room to spread, as they can become quite large. Most do not take well to shearing, and should be pruned with discretion just after flowering if at all, so the buds for next year’s blooms can develop in the fall. These lovely shrubs are effective planted in masses or groups, and their stems may be cut and brought indoors for forcing into bloom in late winter.