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Sterculia lychnophora tree seed Sterculia seed pang da hai

Kullu (Sterculia urens) is a beautiful tree with white skin.Sterculia urens is a fairly common variety bearing, in February and March, small, greenish-yellow flowers, hirsute and sticky. The leaves are hand-shaped and similar to those of the Sterculia foetida. It is found in dry forests in rocky areas. Extraction of gum is done during summer season. It has great medicinal value and is a highly valued gum in the international market. It is also used in confectionaries and chewing gums.

The flesh surrounding the dried seeds swells to eight times its original volume when soaked in water, forming an irregularly shaped, reddish gelatinous mass. After being soaked and the seed kernel removed, the flesh is mixed with granulated white sugar, ice, and soaked basil seeds, and drunk as a cooling drink in Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia. They are sometimes also used, along with other ingredients, in sweet,The seeds are also called poonterai, poontalai, pangdahai , samrong, hột lười ươi, hạt lười ươi, đười ươi, mak chong, or malva nuts. They are used in traditional chinese medicine.
The species is also given as Scaphium macropodum or Scaphium lychnophorum.
In china, the "sterculia lychnophora" or "poontahai" is used in tea as well by mixing with other ingredients such as sugar candy, red date, haw, liquorice, chrysanthemun Flower, lilyturfroot, and jasmine tea. The advantage of such tea is believed to reduce the "hotness" of the body, and nurture the body.
According to the Chinese medicine, the use of "sterculia lychnophora" is to remove heat from the lung, to cure sore throat, to counteract toxicity, and to relax the bowels. Therefore, when a person has symptoms such as hoarseness of voice, dry cough, and sore, dry throat due to heat in the lung; constipation with headache and bloodshot eyes should consume the Sterculia lychnophora by putting it into boiling water.
Although it possesses medicinal properties, care must be taken with its consumption. Avoid boiling more than 3 seeds per drink. Overconsumption symptoms include white watery phlegm, nausea, coughing, and swollen tongue. People with frequent digestion problems and abdominal pain or diarrhea should avoid it entirely.