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Job’s Tears seeds Coix lacryma-jobi Tear Grass adlay seed adlai


It is a beautiful tender perennial grass that is usually grown as an annual.  The plant gets unique shiny white to grey teardrop shaped seeds and great green foliage.  These beautiful plants grow best in full sun to part shade.  They would make excellent additions to your rare plant collection, or just make a unique statement in your yard.

Scientific Name:  Coix lachryma-jobi.   Common name:  'Job's Tears, but in Belize it is usually called 'Indian Beads'.  This is a tall, ornamental tropical grass that is related to corn, and the relationship is easy to see.  Prized for the seed heads, which are ornamental on the plant and used in arrangements.  The teardrop-shaped seeds may be white or grey, glossy, and make excellent beads.

It is also used alongside other herbs in traditional chinese medicine.