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DAYLILY Hemerocallis seeds


A collection of long blooming varieties with large, trumpet-shaped flowers in a variety of single and bi-colors.  As the common name suggest, each Flower lasts for just one day, though with their production of numerous buds per stem and many stems per plant growers will hardly be at a loss for continuous color.  Plants form dense clumps with tall scapes topped by glorious blooms forming late into August.  Foliage is 12-24 inches in height with flower scapes to 36 inches.

Uses:  Perennial in zones 3-9.  Plants prefer full sun to partial shade and are reasonably heat and drought-tolerant.  Though adaptable to most soil conditions, they perform best and flower most profusely when planted in areas with consistently moist, but well drained soil that is rich in organic material.  Combines well with most any garden planting and also makes for a stunning display when planted in mass.  These durable plants are a good choice for setting along driveways and roadways which contributes to their usefulness in commercial plantings.  Plants are trouble-free additions to your landscape and require little attention aside from dividing clumps in the fall every few years.  Plants bloom the second season.