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Argentine Bahiagrass BAHIA Grass Lawn Seeds

Argentine Bahia Grass seed – Argentine Bahia grass seed is the best lawn grass and pasture grass seed available in our opinion for the Southern climates. Argentine Bahia grass makes an excellent low maintenance permanent lawn grass or pasture grass. Argentine Bahia grass is very drought tolerant, deep rooted and has exceptional disease and insect resistance. Argentine Bahia grass makes an excellent pasture grass for horses, cattle and any other type of livestock. Plant Argentine Bahia grass Seed at 25 to 100 pounds per acre for pasture applications or 5 to 10 pounds per 1000 sq. feet for lawn applications. Argentine Bahia grass makes a problem free lawn grass if properly maintained. Argentine Bahia grass doesn't require as much water to survive and flourish as more commonly used Saint Augustine lawn grass varieties. After establishment Argentine Bahia grass will survive with little maintenance. The Fertilization of lawns or pastures three to four times a year is vital to establish and maintain a life time lawn or pasture.

Argentine Bahia grass seed is commonly used for lawn and pasture applications across the Southern United States including Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, North East Texas, and the South West California. For more information on how well Argentine Bahiagrass grows in your exact location please call or email us.

"Planting and Maintenance Instructions are Included"

Lawn Applications:

New Lawns – Plant 5 to 10 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft.

Over seeding an existing lawn – Bare spots can be easily filled in by spreading the area by hand or with a spreader. Remember after spreading the seed to lightly rake in the seed to cover no deeper than 1/4 inch. To properly over seed the entire lawn use 2 to 5 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft. after removing as much unwanted dead or living vegetation. Argentine Bahiagrass is commonly used to replace bare or insect damaged areas in Saint Augustine lawns in Florida.

Pasture Applications:

New Pastures – Plant 25 to 100 lbs. per acre.
(25 lbs. takes 12 – 24 months to fully sod the pasture.)

*The more seed applied to the lawn or pasture on the first planting the faster the lawn or pasture will fully establish a sod or grass base and prevent future over seeding to fill in bare spots.

Over seeding an existing pasture: Over seeding rates depend on the amount of established or existing grass in the pasture area. Common applications for over seeding are 25 – 50 lbs. per acre.

Fertilization Recommendations:

Lawn Fertilization: Apply 5 – 10 lbs. of 16-04-08 slow release fertilizer per 1000 sq. ft. four times a year(Late Spring, Mid Summer, Late Summer, Early Fall) for the first two years. After a fully established lawn has been accomplished apply 5 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft. two times (Mid Summer,Late Summer) a year.

Pasture Fertilization: Apply 250 – 350 lbs. of 16-04-08 slow release fertilizer per acre in Late Spring, Mid Summer and Early Fall. Animals that are grazing will damage the Bahiagrass pasture if the pasture is not properly fertilized annually. The grass must be provided with adequate nutrients to compete with the animals.