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Cistanche deserticola seed



Desertliving Cistanche herb Extract ( Cistanche tubulosa Extract ; Cistanche Deserticola extract ; Caulis Cistanchis Extract ) taken as a dietary supplement for strengthening the  Immune system. Cistanche tubulosa plays an important role for  longevity. The active ingredients of Cistanche tubulosa are echinacoside and acteoside, phenylethanoid glycosides. Acteoside, a polyphenol, is a powerful antioxidant that is 15 times more active than resveratrol.

Main Function

1. Desertliving cistanche herb extract has anti-nociceptive and anti-inflammatory activity.

2. Desertliving cistanche herb extract has anti-oxidative action of the glycosides.

3. Hepatoprotective activity of phenylethanoids.

4. Kidney reinforcing and yang supporting action

5. Cistanche Deserticola extract has echinacoside and acteoside which improve sexual ability ; Aspects for reinforcing power and strengthening kidney.

6. Mood and vision health

7. Standardized Cistanche provides powerful support against immune senescence

Cistanches is a tonic herb harvested in the desert regions in Mongolia and northern china. In China Cistanches is one of the more popular and potent Yang tonic herbs, found in numerous formulas intended to strengthen sexual function.  In China it is widely reported that men who take Cistanches experience notable increases in sexual prowess



Cistanche deserticola seed