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Chambeyronia macrocarpa seed

Chambeyronia macrocarpa
Common name:

Flame Thrower Palm
Habitat and Distribution:

Native to the island of New Caledonia


This solitary palm has wide leaflets that are thick in texture. Average mature height of this species is twenty-five feet in cultivation. Trunk diameter is approximately ten inches. The crown shaft is a dark emerald green and the fronds are eight to ten feet long and arching. A mature tree will hold about eight to ten leaves. Chambeyronia throw about two to three new leaves a year and each one is exceptional. This is because they emerge with a gorgeous red color. This red varies from a deep, burgundy wine purple through all intermediate colors to an intense pink. This colorful new leaf will gradually turn to green over a 3 week period. About one in twenty Chambeyronia macrocarpas put out a new leaf that is consistently green. And, there’s no way to predict this. Also, be aware that the emerging new leaf color will change on sequential throws on the same plant. One new leaf might be dark purple while the next is pink.

Cultivation & Culture:

As a fast grower in the tropics, it still maintains a good growth rate in warmer temperate locations and has become very popular in urban landscapes. It enjoys full sun to partial shade and does best in moist well drained soils.

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind rare species then you’ll want to add this gorgeous palm to your collection as it’s truly one of the most beautiful in the world. It does very well in a pot so can be enjoyed as a wonderful indoor plant or if your climate permits, as a stunning addition to your landscape.


Chambeyronia macrocarpa seed