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Acer pseudoplatanus seed



ACER pseudoplatanus Seeds
Purple Sycamore

Common name: Purple Sycamore
Family: Aceraceae
Species: Acer pseudoplatanus
Characteristics: Large deciduous tree to 20-25 metres

Indigenous to Europe. Erect straight stem covered in scaly bark; spreading irregular shaped crown. Leaves 15 cm long, soft shrimp pink, changing to golden yellow and maturing dark green, glossy and lobed with coarse serrate margins. Flowers are yellowish green in long many flowered clusters.
Adaptable to most soils provided it is well-drained in an open sunny position. Frost resistant but drought tender.

Recommended method of sowing:

Cold stratify recommended. Sow seed in a moist mix as normal in small containers or punnets. Place containers in a plastic bag and cold stratify in the refrigerator of 42-56 days. Seed should germination readily when moved to room temperatures.


Acer pseudoplatanus seed