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Wodyetia bifurcata seed

Wodyetia tree(Pure seeds) Common name:Wodyetia bifurcata/Foxtail Palm seeds
It grows to 10 metres tall or more, with large gracefully arching fronds. When mature it produces inflorescences of white flowers followed by large oval fruit, green at first, ripening to orange containing a single large seed, weighing in excess of 20 grams each.  The plant is suitable as a houseplant and will stay in check for several years if pot grown.  Ultimately it will outgrow the indoor location, but this can take several years and it is so easily grown from seed, that a replacement can easily be obtained.  It is tolerant of  a wide range of conditions making it suitable for growing either indoors or outdoors (in the tropics).  It is not at all cold hardy, so if pot grown outside, it should be brought in before the first signs of frost.


Wodyetia bifurcata seed


Foxtail Palm seed



Wodyetia bifurcate