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Washingtonia robusta seed

Washingtonia robusta /Mexican Fan Palm

Easy to Grow, Fast Growth, Edible Fruit/Nuts, Evergreen, Specimen tree, Street Tree, Wildlife Food, Heat, Drought and Salt Tolerant

Soaring to over 100 feet, this skyscraper of the palm world is a striking sight when planted at equal intervals along a boulevard or when snuggled up in groups against high rise buildings. The gray trunk is ringed with closely set leaf scars although usually at least part of the trunk remains covered with dead leaves that hang in a thatch. The solitary trunk, about 10-12 inches in diameter, bulges at the ground and becomes slender as it approaches a crown of large palmate leaves with gracefully drooping leaflet tips. These are rich glossy green and grow to about 5 feet long and 4 feet wide. They are borne on 3 foot orange leaf stems that are edged with vicious sawtooth spines. As the leaves die, they fall against the trunk to create the “hula skirt” effect for which this palm is famous.

Washingtonia robusta seed