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Toona ciliata seed

Toona Ciliata – Australian Red Cedar.

The Red Cedar is famous for it’s red wood that is much sought after for use in furniture making, building and ornamental woodwork. The soft wood is easily worked and polishes to a rich red that is enhanced with age.

Originally a native of large areas of coastal and rainforest NSW and Queensland Australia. It small, sweetly perfumed flowers of white or pink bloom in spring. The large attractive leaves are glossy green turning brown and falling in winter revealing with new pinkish-red foliage.

The Red Cedar is a fast growing; large tree in native areas but is often smaller when grown further south. It is grown as far south as Adelaide and prefers rich soils and abundant water. This handsome tree may reach 30m or more in height in ideal conditions and may have growth retarded by the larvae of the tip moth. It’s a well-branched shade tree with an open spreading crown.


Toona ciliata seed