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Saucer Magnolia seed Magnolia × soulangeana


This is a magnificent tree and very hardy in temperate climates. They are a bit slow to progagate but given that Magnolia can cost up to £20.00 for a small tree it is the most economic way of having these beauties in your garden and far more satisfying.

Hardy Zone 4-9

Habit Deciduous

Growth rate -moderate

Forms upright growth in youth, and wider spreading around maturity

Height 15-25ft

Width 15-25ft

Leaf 3-6 variable autumn colours

Flowers white, pink and purple in early spring

Comments Plant late- flowering cultivars to avoid frost damage.

Traditional Uses for Magnolia Bark and Flowers according to Dawn Smith.
Traditional chinese medicine practitioners have been using magnolia bark for centuries. Noted for clearing head/chest congestion and relieving vomiting and diarrhea, research has now shown that magnolia bark has an antibacterial effect against several species of Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, and Shigella. Its value in treating amoebic dysentery has also been proven.

Magnolia flowers are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat nasal congestion and sinus problems. Now the flowers have also been shown to help in treating hypertensionand fungal infections of the skin (dermatomycoses).