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Royal Poinciana Delonix Regia tree seeds

Few trees can rival the poincian's dazzling Flower display, which covers its impressive canopy for weeks in summer. First discovered more than two centuries ago, and a genus of only one species, Delonix regia is now quite rare in the wild, but commonly cultivated in tropic climates. In height, the poinciana is moderate, usually no more than 8-10 mtrs, but its breadth is tremendous, with a canopy of near horizontal branches that may spread 15-20 mtrs wide. In summer, when the awesome crown is covered in swathes of scarlet flowers, it is easy to se why the poinciana is regarded as on of the worlds most spectacular trees.

Poinciana's are best grown in tropical climates. but they also adopt to subtropical gardens in suitably warm climates. The plants prefer full sun, protection from strong wind, and well drained soil, with plenty of water in summer.