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Prunus mandshurica Tree Seeds Mandchurian Apricot

Common name:Manchurian Apricot seeds

Apricot seeds

Mandchurian Apricot, Prunus armeniaca mandshurica, tree Seeds
Fast Growth, Fragrant Showy Flowers, Edible Fruits, Fall Color, Bonsai, Cold, Wind and Drought Tolerant, Adaptable

Native to Central Asia, Mandchurian Apricot is a small, rounded tree reaching 15 to 20 feet in height. The leaves are broad, simple, ovate or broad-elliptic and mostly smooth, medium green turning golden yellow in the fall. The fragrant showy flowers are single, pink and over 1 inch wide, blooming in the spring before the leaves emerge. It is very attractive in Flower, very cold hardy and can be relied on in climates where other Prunus may not flower. Fruits are about 1 inch in diameter, yellow with red flush, showy, edible and borne in abundance. The fruit provides food for wildlife during the fall. Fruits can be eaten fresh and are excellent for making jams and jellies.
Other Names: Prunus mandshurica