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Platanus orientalis seed

Plant name – Platanus Orientalis
Common name – Oriental Planetree, Platanus, Chinar
Plant type – tree
Vegetation type – Deciduous
Leaf – Maple-like

The species name derives from its historical distribution eastward from the Balkans, where it was recognized in ancient Greek history and literature. Following Greek usage it is called platane or related names in continental Europe.
The tree is capable of being grown in most temperate latitudes, though it benefits greatly from warm summers. As a very large and wide tree with broad, thick leaves that tend to orient horizontally, it is especially prized for the shade and coolness it provides during the hot season.
The most famous Oriental Planetree is the Tree of Hippocrates under which, according to the legend, Hippocrates of Kos (considered the father of medicine) taught his pupils the art of medicine. The Platanus in Kos has a crown diameter of about 12 metres, said to be the largest for a plane tree in Europe