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Pinus thunbergii seed

Genus: Pinus

Species: thunbergii

Common Name: Japanese Black Pine

Other Name: Thunberg Pine

Pre-treatment: not required

Zone Hardiness Cold: 5

Zone Hardiness warm: 8

Height / Spread: 6-24m/6-12m

Plant Type: Small tree

Growth rate: medium

Vegetation type: evergreen

Leaf /Flower color: Green/Ineffective


Japanese black pine, a native of eastern Asia, is an evergreen tree with stiff, dark green, twisted needles. In spring the upright, silvery new shoots are displayed like white candles against the dark foliage. Dense and pyramidal when young, the habit becomes open and irregular with age, exposing the picturesque, twisting branches. Japanese black pine excels in full sun and well drained soil, being both drought and salt tolerant. Use as an intriguing specimen or in a naturalistic setting as a screen or windbreak.