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Pinus sabiniana seed

Sabine pine, or Sabine Pine, or gray Pine (lat. Pínus sabiniána is an endemic species of the Pine genus of the Pinaceae Family, native to California.

The scientific name is in honor of Edward Sabin (1788-1883), Anglo-Irish botanist. Originally written sabiniana, which is incorrect in Latin (correctly Sabinius), and recently[when?] has been corrected to sabineana. However, the revised spelling has not yet been adopted for General use, and the spelling sabiniana is still more common.

Usually grows to 12-15 m, but can reach a height of 35 m.

Pine needles Sabina rare and drooping, grows in separate bundles of three needles, pale gray-green, up to 20-30 cm in length.

Cones are large and heavy, 12-35 cm long. Male cones grow at the base of the shoots on the lower branches.

Sabina pine grows at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level, statewide in the foothills of the California valley, except for the southernmost and Eastern counties South of lake Tahoe, on rocky soil in dry conditions, in communities with Douglas oak (Quercus douglasii), forming the upper tier of mixed forests.

Pine needles Sabina-the only known food caterpillars moth species Sabinianus chionodes family Gelechiidae.