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Phyllanthus niruri seed

Under the leaves is a herbaceous plant, about 10-60 cm in height, all parts are bitter. The leaf is composed of single-layered feathers, with an apex of 23-25 ​​leaves, with a narrow, narrow base about 0.40 X 1.00 cm. The stem is attached to the trunk with a magenta.

      The flowers of the leaves under the leaves are small white. Diameter is about 0.08 cm. The flowers are separate sex is female flowers are usually cones. The flowers are usually in the tip of the leaf.

      The fruit under the leaves are smooth, light green round about 0.15 cm attached to the bottom of the leaves. When the old is split into 6 lobes, each lobe will have 1 seed, 1 / 6th of a spherical seed, about 0.10 cm in diameter.