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Nicotiana sanderae seeds

Nicotiana × sanderae Is the most common of the Nicotiana or "flowering tobacco" plants to be found and sold in the United Kingdom. This hybrid of the Nicotiana plant requires soft soil mixed with sand to thrive. The plant will grow to heights of 3 feet (0.91 m) and will give off a sweet scent in the evening, like most Nicotiana plants. Nicotiana × sanderae are not hardy against frost and will die if they come in contact with it. They withstand drought. Because of their size Nicotiana × sanderae are used as a house or garden plant.

Nicotiana x san derae Purple Perfume Series . Masses of trumpeted, star-shaped, upward facing flowers on bushy plants. Flowers are fragrant. These flowers open in the evening, they are to die for. Be sure to plant them near a window or in containers on patio so that you can enjoy their awesome fragrance in the evening.