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Hostas are extremely popular, low-maintenance landscaping plants that will tolerate a wide variety of conditions. Hostas are related to agave plants and form short rosettes of lush leaves.  They can be used as groundcover, especially along the borders of your beds.  They also work well spaced between taller shrubs or evergreens.  Hostas are inexpensive compared to many landscaping plants, yet beloved by plant-enthusiasts.  This makes them a good choice to fill space in your beds so you do not have to spend a fortune on plants nor do you have to sacrifice décor. Hostas are easily divided to form new plants, so you can multiply them as your needs arise. They are perennial too, so you will not need to plant them each year.  In Japan, the leaves of certain species have even been eaten as a food.  Hostas can take on a variety of appearances, including white, yellow and lime green variegated leaves.  This packet contains a mix of various species to give you landscaping some real flavor.