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Ligustrum obtusifolium seed

Name: Border Privet (Ligustrum obtusifolium) tree/ Shrub

In nature, this plant is the inhabitant of the undergrowth, so it is unpretentious to the soil, has shade tolerance and drought resistance. Therefore, an animal can be planted in soil of medium fertility.

Only seeds are used for mass planting of planting material. Reception of stratification is used to increase seed germination and accelerate germination. When sowing under the winter, the seeds under the snow pass through a natural stratification. In this case, they germinate better. If planting is postponed until the spring, then they need a cold stratification within five or six months. In this case, the seeds are mixed with pure peat with pure peat and sand, lightly moistened and placed in a 30-centimeter layer in boxes. So they are kept until spring at zero temperature.

Seeds tend to sow in the open ground to get many seedlings at once, but if a small batch of plants is needed, then the seeds are planted in boxes that are in greenhouses with artificial heating.

At the moment of seed germination, boxes with crops are regularly watered and the seeds are covered with a substrate.

Quite often, annual shoots are planted in plastic containers (the volume of each should be 0.3-0.5 liters), filled with a fertile substrate. In each individual pot, seedlings grow 1-2 years more /

This shrub very beautifully blooms, so it is used for gardening. The berries are inedible.