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Catalpa ovata seed

(Also known as yellow catalpa and Japanese catalpa) is a small deciduous tree that typically grows to 30’ tall and as wide with a spreading crown.

Catalpa ovata, the yellow catalpa or chinese catalpa ,
is a pod-bearing tree native to china. Compared to C. speciosa, it is much smaller, typically reaching heights between 20 and 30 feet. The inflorescences form 4–10-inch-long (100–250 mm) bunches of creamy white flowers with distinctly yellow tinging; individual flowers are about 1 inch wide. They bloom in July and August. The leaves are very similar in shape to those of Paulownia tomentosa, having three lobes (two are abruptly truncated on either edge, with a third, central, slightly acute, pointed lobe forming the leaf apex), and are darkly green. Fruits are very narrow, foot-long pods.