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Juniperus scopulorum seed

Blue Arrow Juniper – Sky Rocket Juniper

Juniperus scopulorum are small, conical, evergreen conifers that are native to the Rockies in North America. Juniperus scopulorum Blue Arrow was introduced in 1980 and is an improved cultivar of Juniperus scopulorum Sky Rocket. An RHS award of Garden Merit winner, it is a lovely, very compact and strictly conical tree with needles of steely blue. Excellent as a specimen or accent plant, as part of a themed display or planted to form a quality and aesthetically pleasing screen. Easy to grow in most free draining soils in a sunny or semi shade location. Can be grown in a pot or container. Use a good quality John Innes compost and mix in 20% horticultural grit to ensure good drainage. We also recommend you use a controlled release fertilizer, 8-9 month formulation, in spring, to provide sufficient nutrients for the year

Juniperus scopulorum, commonly called Rocky Mountain juniper or Colorado red cedar, is native to the Rocky Mountains from Alberta to Texas and in other mountainous areas from British Columbia south to Arizona. In the Rockies, it is typically found in dry, rocky, foothills above 5000 feet in elevation. This is a broad pyramidal tree with shedding red-brown bark that grows to 50’ tall and 20’ wide in its native habitat. It is similar in appearance to eastern red cedar (J. virginiana) and may hybridize with it if grown in the same area. Light blue-green to dark green scale like foliage lies flat against the branches.as.