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Jatropha Curcas seeds tree BIODIESEL Fuel

Jatropha Curcas

Jatropha Curcas is an extremely adaptable and easy-to-grow perennial plant. It is so drought-tolerant that it can even be grown in desert environments, and it will tolerate poor soils, making it a great crop for areas that would not typically be valuable as farmland.  Trees mature in roughly 4-5 years, reaching up to about 15 feet in height.  They will continue to grow and produce seed for about 50 years.  They are helpful in preventing erosion.  More importantly, though, the seeds are loaded with oil (about 30% or more).  The oil is a purgative to humans, but is a highly valued source of high-quality biodiesel fuel.  The oil from jatropha seeds can be extracted and used in standard diesel engines.  As a fuel source, jatropha is four times more productive then soybeans.  An acre of jatropha can produce up to 1000 gallons of oil per year.  It is great to intercrop with plants like switch grass (also offered) and soy beans.  The fact that this plant is so adaptable and contains such a high concentration of high-quality oil certainly ensures it to be an increasingly important crop for the future, particularly in a world where energy is a priority.