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Japanese Elm Bonsai seed Zelkova serrata


Zelkova serrata, commonly known as Japanese Elm is a genus of about 6 species of deciduous, semi-evergreen trees occurring in woodland, thickets and hedgerows in Italy, Greece, Turkey, Iran and Asia. Zelkova have alternate, ovate to elliptic toothed leaves. Most species display good autumn colour of yellows and orange-browns. This one can be bonsaied or used as a feature tree.

Japanese Elms are often sold as indoor Bonsai and as such are acclimatised to indoor growing conditions. Those sold as outdoor bonsai and all other species of Zelkova should be cultivated outdoors. Those grown indoors (or in climates with very mild winters) will remain evergreen where as outdoor cultivation results in a deciduous tree. Ensure indoor trees do not become too cold in their first winter outside. Zelkovas should be able to cope with the adverse growing conditions indoors though they are never as vigorous as their outdoor counterparts.