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Japanese Camellia seeds camellia japonica

Genus: Camellia
Species: japonica.
Common Name: Japanese Camelia
Other name: Camelia, tea Bush
Pre-treatment: not-required
Plant Type: Small shrub
Growth rate: slow-medium
Vegetation type: ornamental evergreen
Leaf /Flower color: green/white.pink
Large, broadleaf evergreen shrub to small tree. It has a compact, upright habit and attractive smooth gray branches furnished with oval, glossy, dark green leaves. From late winter to early spring, it bears large, single deep red flowers, though there are many cultivars that come in a wider array of pink, white and red shades.
Camellia prefers partial sun to partial shade but will tolerate full sun once established, though sunscald may be a problem. The soil should be moist, acid and well-drained. This plant is notoriously slow-growing, slow to establish and shallow rooted. A thick layer of organic mulch will protect the roots and facilitate better growth. Regular irrigation and applications of fertilizer promote good growth and flowering, though plants will tolerate periods of drought. Prune after flowering, just before new growth starts in the spring. Selective, light pruning and shaping is recommended and shearing is not. Camellia do not recover well from harsh pruning practices.