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Jackfruit seed Artocarpus heterophyllus





Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) –  is the largest tree-borne fruit in the world, reaching 80 pounds ( 36,4kg ) in weight and up to 36 inches ( 91,4cm ) long and 20 inches (50,8 cm ) in diameter. This huge, oval shaped tropical fruit that is native to South East Asia will surprise not only with its unique taste, but also with the variety of the ways it can be used for ( besides its eatable flesh, its boiled / roasted seeds can be eaten and tastes like chestnuts and the wood of the tree is used for the production of musical instruments). The seeds and the plant itself are extremely strong: seeds sometimes germinate even inside the fruit or within days after removing from the pulp. The plant, if the growing conditions provided are suitable, grows extremely quickly and is really strong.

Description:Jackfruit is covered with yellow or green skin from outside, and inside it hides large edible bulbs of yellow, banana-flavored flesh, that surprises with its sweet, juicy, crunchy, very refreshing taste with light crisp. Flesh is also fibrous and encloses a smooth, thick, oval, light-brown seed. When fully ripe, fruit has a unique, strong odor, while the pulp of the opened fruit smells of pineapple and banana. The tree itself is handsome and stately. The leaves are oblong, leathery, glossy and deep green in color.
Nutrition: Jackfruit serves as a good supply of proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins, for the human’s body. Containing very few calories and a very small amount of fat, this fruit is great for those trying to lose weight. For those, who suffer from constipation, regular consumption of the fruit will surely prove beneficial. The root of jackfruit is good for the treatment of a number of skin problems.