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Humulus lupulus Dry flowers Hops


Most people know that Hops are one of the major ingredients in beer.  It is a plant that has been used to brew the beverage for centuries.  However, Hops can be used for much more than making an alcoholic liquid.
 Dried Hops can be used for a variety of things.   For example, problems with inflammation of a joint or other area of the body can be helped with the use of a poultice of dried Hops.  Applied directly to the affected area, it will provide soothing relief.
 In addition, Hops can be put in a sachet, placed under the pillow in bed and this may help those suffering from insomnia.  A tea made with Hops is also very soothing and can aid one in helping to fall asleep.
 Menstrual cramps can be eased with Hops.  The plant works to fight muscle spasms that cause the painful cramps.  In addition, it can fight spasms in the respiratory system that cause asthma.
 This assistance with muscle spasms extends to the digestive system as well.  For those who suffer from indigestion or irritable bowel syndrome, Hops can bring relief by relaxing the muscles of the digestive system.  Also, Hops can be a good treatment for increasing the loss of appetite after illness.
 The Magikal powers/uses of Hop Flowers are Healing and Sleep.