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Ginger seed Zingiber officinale seeds

Ginger is a culinary staple, especially in Asian cooking but it has many uses beyond flavouring for food.  In fact, Ginger is one of the best herbs that can be used for stomach complaints and more.Ginger has been used in china and Europe for thousands of years to treat problems with the stomach and respiratory infections, such as the cold and flu.  Even now, modern herbalists prescribe Ginger in the same way.A Ginger infusion can help to relieve problems with nausea and indigestion.  If someone is suffering from morning sickness during pregnancy, Ginger can be particularly useful to soothe the stomach.  It will not harm the baby and it will allow some relief.Ginger can also help for problems with motion sickness and nausea that comes as a result of chemotherapy and radiation.  It is a natural way to calm the stomach and give relief so one can rest and heal. To treat a cold, eating foods that contain Ginger or drinking a Ginger infusion can also provide relief.  It can help to reduce symptoms and give relief from headaches and chills associated with a fever.  It will also help to relieve one from stomach upset due to mucous drainage.
Ginger is very pleasant to the taste and drinking a Ginger infused tea is not a chore.
 Keeping Ginger a part of the every day routine can also be good for your health.  It is thought to decrease the amount of infections that someone can get and actually improve heart health.  Ginger is thought to help reduce cholesterol and actually keep the arteries free from plaque that can lead to heart disease. Try adding it to favourite dishes to provide some extra spice.  It is particularly good in Asian inspired meals.The Magikal powers/uses of Ginger Root are Love, Money, Success and Power.