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Gardenia jasminoides seed Gardenia seeds

The famous Flower used by the floral industry in arrangements and corsages make for wonderful shrubs in frost free zones and lovely fragrant houseplants in colder areas. Gardenia or Cape Jasmine is an evergreen shrub that are highly prized for their profusion of sweetly fragrant double white blooms. Growing to a height of 4 to 6 feet and equal spread in the garden (smaller in containers), many would argue that there are few shrubs so perfect in their properties as a well grown Gardenia. With its low, dense growth, upright habit and its gorgeous bright green glossy leaves, Gardenia is a very attractive evergreen container plant or garden specimen. The real prize of this plant are its highly fragrant 4" double white blooms which turn to creamy yellow as they age. These open over a long period of time, from May through July and make great long lasting cut flowers. Inside they have a powerful, sweet fragrance, and can perfume an entire room. Outside, grow near a patio or in outdoor living area where the fragrance can be enjoyed.