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Fumitory Root pieces Fumaria officinalis

Common name:Fumaria

Fumitory is a small climbing herb with weak stems, deeply indented leaves, and spikes of small flowers of a pinkish hue, topped with purple or, white. It is native to Europe and North Africa, but grows quite well all over the planet.

The ancient Romans, according to the historian Pliny, named this useful plant Kapnos, which means smoke, because the juice of the plant brings on such a flow of tears that the sight becomes dim as with smoke. It was also said that the plant did not grow from a seed, but from the fumes rising up from the underground. Fumitory was used in Roman medicine to treat problems of the eyes, and also a smoke for expelling evil spirits.

Nicholas Culpepper, in his work The Complete Herbal (1652) wrote that it was good for all types of afflictions of the skin, and suggested using the whole plant, although modern thought is that only the leaves may be necessary. As late as the early twentieth century, fumitory was a primary herb for treating the “leprous afflictions” described the great herbalist M. Grieve and also for liver disease. The modern uses of fumitory in herbal medicine are less dramatic. Fumitory is taken internally to treat acne, eczema, and indigestion, and used in eyewashes to treat conjunctivitis.

In magick this herb is generally used for all types of banishment and exorcism.  It is particularly powerful when used as an incense or smoke to cleanse large areas or houses.  If you choose to use it this way, be sure that all windows are open.  To a lesser extent it has also been used for money spells, and can be added to your wallet to bring prosperity.