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Fraxinus malacophylla seed

Trees to ca. 10 m. Branchlets ridged, 4-angled when young, brown tomentose; buds naked. Leaves to ca. 25 cm; petiole 2-5 cm; axis densely brown tomentose; leaflets 9-15, sessile or subsessile; leaflet blade elliptic to lanceolate-elliptic, (1.5-)3-8(-10) × (1-)1.5-4 cm, thin leathery, adaxially densely brown tomentose to glabrescent, abaxially densely pale villous to yellow tomentose, especially denser along veins and margin, base cuneate to broadly cuneate, rarely rounded, oblique, margin entire, apex acute or obtuse to retuse; primary veins 7-10 on each side of midrib. Panicles terminal or lateral, ca. 16 cm, many flowered; bracts linear, 2-3 mm. Flowers bisexual, appearing after leaves. Pedicel ca. 3 mm. Calyx cupu-lar, ca. 1 mm, apically truncate or with broadly deltate teeth. Corolla white; lobes linear, ca. 3 mm. Stamens scarcely exceeding corolla lobes. Samara narrowly spatulate, 3-4 cm × 6-7 mm; wing decurrent to about middle of nutlet. Fl. Jun, fr. Sep-Oct.