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Ficus microcarpa seed

 Ficus microcarpa, commonly known as the Green Island fig, and variously as the laurel fig, Indian laurel and chinese Banyan. This species is an evergreen tree to 15 metres in height with a rounded dense crown , smooth grey bark and long thin dangling aerial roots. Leaves are alternate, leathery. Oval-elliptic to diamond-shaped in a deep glossy green with multiple small fruit to 1 cm , initially green turning to yellow or dark red when ripe.

This species forms rosetts at the end of its branches when kept trimmed. It branches and fruits well and develops aerial roots when kept humid

This species is very frost tolerant – down to about -12*C and does well in a range of soils (including boggy, poorly drained conditions) and with great tolerance for low, medium or high lighting conditions making it an excellent low maintenance indoor species.

It is also one of the truly great Bonsai figs that reduces well and takes pot culture, styling, root- and foliage- pruning and a variety of conditions in its stride with a minimum of fuss. It lends itself to a variety of bonsai styles.