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Elaeocarpus grandis seeds BLUE MARBLE TREE Quandong

Elaeocarpus grandis
Blue Quandong

Blue Quandong is a spectacular tree from sub-tropical rainforests near Australia. Found along moist, scrubby waterways, it grows quickly, can reach 100 feet, has sculptural winding roots above the ground, and a broad spreading canopy.  It's amazing in a large garden.

In spring, masses of fringed white flowers appear on cascading stems against shiny green leaves. The leaves turn scarlet in fall as electric blue fruits appear. Vibrant cobalt spheres 1" across are more photogenic than palatable, but animals love them. Each contains several seeds and are used in Hindu cultures as beads.

Quandong tolerates most conditions once established, even a light frost. It's best suited to warm zones 9-11, loves water, needs good drainage. Seeds must be fresh (these are). The large stones should be filed or split with a hammer soaked before sowing, and can take 6 months to germinate.