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Elaeagnus angustifolia seed

Elaeagnus Angustifolia

Height: 12-15ft

Width: 12-15ft

Flower: Late spring-small and fragrant, silvery white flowers

Fruit: Silver fruit in summer

Leaves: Silver grey, to grey green leaves.

Requirements: Sun, range of soil types, copes well with drought and is salt tolerant.

Growth rate, moderate to rapid.

Fruits after three years

Fruit is edible and sweet

Germination: Scarification: Soak seeds in hot top water before chilling or boiling water if the seeds do not soften.Stratification: Dormant seeds require about 30-60 days kept in refridgerator around 5c to mimic Russian winter. Sow in moist compost 3/4 inch deep Once they are sown, there is a good percentage of seeds which will turn into viable plants.

To avoid stratifying, sow outdoors in mulched seed bed in Autumn/Fall for spring germination.