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Dyebark Evodia Yin Yang Zi Shu Yao Zi Shen Shu Bao

Name: Fruit of Dyebark Evodia/Yin Yang Zi

Other names: Yin Yang Zi/ Shu Yao Zi/ Shen Shu Bao

Latin: Evodia austrosinensis Hand.Mazz E.bodinieri(non Dode)Merr

Origin: Tibet, china

Weight: 500grams

Shelf life: 18 months

Storage: Keep in shady, cool and dry place.



For men: Warm kidney, tonify kidney Yang and liver; Enrich blood and vital energy; Expel dampness; relieve joint and waist pains, and improve physical health.

For women: Tonify Yin, invigorate the circulation of blood, detumescences, detoxify, strengthen the body and delay aging.

Contraindication: pregnant women


Usage and dosage

1. Urgent sex drive:

50 grams (do not excess this amount) of Yin Yang Zi, to stew beef with ginger for 20 minutes; take beef and soup;

2. Tonify liver and kidney, supplement renal blood:

Soak Yin Yang Zi 250 grams, Gui Tou Zi 500 grams, and Root of Toothed Habenaria 250 grams, with 1000 liquor, for 5 to 10 days, and take 30ml each night before sleep.