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deer antler slices Pilose antler Lu rong slices velvet

Warm; sweet and salty; attributive to kidney and liver.
Horn of nippon, prepared as round thin pieces, section of base is whitish and soft, unpleasant in odor. Nutrient tonic to semen, marrow, sinew, and cartilage. This is one of the most renowned and popular sexual tonics.
  Invigorate kidney-yang, supplement essence and blood and strengthen the tendons and bones. For treating kidney-yang deficiency manifested as cold limbs, fatigue, backache, impotence, emission and profuse urine, sterility and leucorrhagia. Also for treating insufficiency of essence and blood manifested as flaccidity of extremities or mal-development, slow growth in children. It accelerates the healing of ulcer or wound, increases the level of red blood cells, increases heart rate and cardiac output.