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Cornus seeds Tree bonsai Pagoda Dogwood alternifolia

 It gets its common name from its pagoda-like horizontal branching pattern. An older name, Pigeonberry, refers to the fruits, which were once a favorite food of the now-extinct passenger pigeons. Its scientific species name, alternifolia, relates to the leaf pattern, which, unlike most dogwoods, alternates along the stem.

This plant's blossoms aren't as showy as those of the common Flowering Dogwood, but they are still attractive. They are creamy or yellowish white, very fragrant, and form clusters at the ends of branches. The flowers are followed by berries that gradually change from green to red to blue-black, on red stalks. These berries are a valuable food for birds and other wildlife.

The leaves can turn to a beautiful reddish-purple before they drop in autumn. The color varies from tree to tree, and may partly depend on growing conditions. The light brownish-gray bark, together with the interesting branching structure, give the plant winter appeal.